Frequently Asked Questions

We make doing your laundry simple. But more importantly we want you to focus on other aspects of your business that require more of you. Allow us to take care of your business's laundry. Our prices are simple and affordable.

Can someone else other than the customer on file be there for pick up or delivery?

Yes, but remember they will have to sign on your behalf.

What package fits me best?

If you own a smaller business with laundry done every other week, we recommend our LEGGERO package since you will have access of up to 6 bags per month. If you wash at least 4 times per month and/or your business requires more consistent laundry, then we recommend the CLASSICO package since you will have access of up to 8 bags per month plus free steam ironing. And our last package is the ELITE, which is recommended for businesses that generate a high volume of laundry. The ELITE gives you access of up to 12 bags per month, free steam ironing for all items and the option for free same day delivery.

How is Manny Milano Valet Laundry saving you money?

We will help you cut down on high usage of electricity at home since the washer and dryer are some of the highest spenders. We will also help cut down on the monthly washer and dryer leasing fees, laundry material and gas driving expenses.

What kind of items are not washed or not covered by MMVL?

Some examples are any kind of torn, stained, or missing pair pieces. MMVL reserves the right to decline or return unwashed any or similar of these items.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order by phone, email or through our website/mobilesite.

Is my credit card information saved by MMVL?

For the privacy and security of our customers, credit card information is not saved in our system. Unless authorized using our B2B automatic payment form.

Does MMVL accept cash?

No, this is a cash free company. We do accept all credit/debit cards though.

Is there a contract when you sign up for a package?


How soon can I receive my clothes?

If prioritized, by the end of the same day if the order is placed and picked up by 11 am the same day. Otherwise, by the end of the following day on normal deliveries.

What kind of detergent or Softener does MMVL use?

We use only Organic Hypo-allergenic detergent.

What if I am not available for a pick or delivery?

Must notify us 2 hours prior to pick up or delivery, a $7 no show charge will be applied otherwise.

What happen if I am missing an item upon receiving my order?

You usually have a 12 hour window to report any missing items, you must send us an email with the description of the item. We will have 24 hours to investigate and try to find the item, if not found and pick and delivery receipts match and we find that there was an error on our end, then will ask for proof of value of the missing item for a refund of up to and no more than $100.00 per order.

What if I received a damage item?

Just like a missing piece, you have to send us an email within 12 hours of receiving your order, we will need proof of the damage item and an approximated price of item for a refund of up to and no more than $100.00.

Is there a minimun order amount?

Yes, $25.00 per order.

So how does MMVL work?

You place your order through our website, phone, text or email. Specify what time works best for us to pick up your order, we will ask you to have your dirty laundry ready on a 10 gallon bag (receive a standard MMVL bag free when you signing up to our newsletter or by sending us an email). We will then schedule a delivery time and finally you will receive your laundry cleaned and folded the in the same or following day. And just like that you and your team have one less tedious chore and more free time.

Which size of bag works best for me?

If you are looking for a single order, then we recommend ordering either our Standard or Large size bag.
The Standard size bag can hold up to 15- 20 pounds or equivalent to 1 - 2 small loads. The Large size bag can hold up to 25- 30 pounds or equivalent to 2 - 3 medium loads